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Korean Fried Chicken



Korean Fried ChickeN


Discover Wondeo Chikin in Berlin


Welcome to Wondeo Chikin, where the flavors of Korea meet the heart of Germany. Inspired by a journey to Seoul, our founders fell in love with the crispy perfection of Korean Fried Chicken. Determined to share this culinary delight, they brought the authentic taste back to Germany.

Double-Frying Technique

Halal Chicken

Boneless Chicken

Homemade Sauce

VEGAN Chicken

Two-step frying process: first at a lower temperature for thorough cooking, followed by a higher temperature for the delicate and crispy texture.

Our plant-based alternative that mimics the taste, texture, and appearance of traditional chicken without using any animal products. A cruelty-free delight for your palate and the planet.

Our Halal Korean Fried Chicken boasts a distinctive blend of Korean culinary mastery with halal standards. Our chicken meat is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

Boneless options, making it a convenient and easy-to-eat finger food. For consumers who prefer a more accessible and less messy dining experience.

We make homemade flavorful sauces like soy garlic, honey butter and  spicy gochujang. Our homemade sauces offer a distinctive and bold taste.

"This place is amazing. We visited twice in 3 days. Food is de-flipping-licious and takes no time at all to reach your table. It’s fresh and just so good. Portion size is amazing too.
I wild most definitely recommend."
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Ordering Wondeo Chikin is a seamless experience – available for take-away and delivery through Wolt, Uber Eats and Lieferando


With our delivery service, we bring the irresistible taste of Korea directly to your doorstep.


So, why wait? Place your order through the buttons below now, right in the comfort of your home!

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Wondeo Chikin strategically situates itself in Berlin, ensuring effortless accessibility through both S-Bahn and U-Bahn, catering to the preferences of locals and tourists alike. Revel in the vibrant ambiance of the surrounding neighborhood as you indulge in our delectable offerings. Explore our THREE Wondeo Chicken locations in Mitte, Charlottenburg, and Hohenschönhausen, as we remain dedicated to bringing our delightful culinary experience even closer to you.

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